Benefits of Meditation

If you pose a question of what the benefits of meditation are to two different meditators, be sure to receive a wide variety of answers. This can be due to the different perspective that each attaches to different activities. You should also bear in mind that what one might see as a benefit of meditation to them, to another it can be considered as some sort of inconvenience that one may be will to contend with so that they can reap the other real benefits of meditation.

For instance, let us look at this scenario, a man and woman attend a meditation class that has three part: the first part is the meditation practice, the second one is the philosophical engagement, and the third is undertaking a study of particular meditation practices of a particular guru. If you ask them, you will realize that every individual has a different opinion on how the three parts benefited them. That aside, let us look at some of the most common benefits of meditation.


meditationHelps in the Management of Depression and Anxiety

Some research studies that have been undertaken the world over have shown that meditation to a great length helps a lot in dealing with depression and anxiety issues among many individuals. Societies argue further that meditation is an effective tool in reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety. This is achievable, through the ability of meditation of gradually calming down one’s mind, so that strong emotions are prevented from erupting.


Leads to Increased Body Immunity

Research also has it that when you engage in meditation on a regular basis, you will experience regular muscle relaxation, hence greatly reducing the possibility of one who has breast cancer. Meditation is even more important to elderly patients because if one engages in it on a daily basis for one month, the production of natural killer cells is boosted hence greatly improving the immune system. Which lead to an individual developing better resistance to viruses infections, or even tumors.


Low Blood Pressure

When one engages in meditation on a regular basis, the chances of them developing high blood pressure are greatly reduced. Experts have argued that, when one engages in meditation-based exercises, the rate at which the body responds to cortisol and other hormones that regulate stress is greatly reduced ensuring that one enjoys normal blood pressure levels.


self awarePromotes Self-Awareness

When you engage in meditation, some exercises are meant to bring about a stronger understanding of yourself. This goes a long way in ensuring that you develop into your better self. For instance, when you engage in self-inquiry meditation, it greatly helps you understand who you are as a person, hence enabling you to know how best to relate to those individuals who are around you. Other forms of meditation are meant to help you identify thought that may be harmful to you, so you know how to best deal with them.

Some of the other benefits of meditation include lengthening of the attention span of an individual, reduction of age-related memory loss and playing a significant role in fighting any form of addiction.